Backgrounder on Pito Salas and R. Pito Salas and Associates, Inc.

Pito Salas runs Salas and Associates, a consulting firm providing advisory services on the the strategy, design, development, implementation of innovative software products and services.

Pito has over 20 years of diverse experience in the software industry, with a solid track record of innovation, creation, and delivery of software products and services. He combines a deep understanding of the latest software technology with vision of where it is going and how it may be applied profitably. This insight is coupled with a strong and pragmatic business and marketing sense and a reputation for recruiting and developing world class teams building world class products.

With a degree in Computer Science from Brandeis University, Pito began his career as a software developer and engineer. He has had the experience of being a hands-on developer on different teams with different development and engineering cultures and mentalities. The products and projects have ranged from personal productivity software to enterprise scale distributed applications, on a variety of computer architectures, ranging from VAX to NeXT, from Macintosh to Windows and everything in between.

A key part of Pito’s experience was his work at Lotus Development Corporation. At Lotus, he was responsible for the invention and subsequent creation and delivery of Lotus Improv, an application which introduced a breakthrough in spreadsheet and financial modeling. Pito began with the project as a researcher in the Lotus Advanced Technology Group, built the prototypes, made the business case, formed the Improv product group, and as General Manager, recruited and developed the organization into the product group which subsequently shipped Lotus Improv.

In addition to Improv, Pito also worked on various efforts in email and collaboration at Lotus. He was involved in some of the early efforts in Pen computing and Personal Digital Assistants. Subsequently he was the Director of Technology of Lotus’ Inter-enterprise Communications Division.

In 1996, Pito joined forces with Jeffrey Beir to found eRoom Technology. eRoom’s mission was and is to deliver world-class collaboration to the enterprise. They secured venture backing in record time and within a year had the first product in beta. eRoom has won numerous awards for software innovation and customer value.

Pito served as Chief Technology Officer, where he was responsible for the overall technology and product line of the company, both strategy and implementation. Pito drove strategy, product management, product design and engineering to create a product that takes web-based collaboration to a new level.

Most recently, Pito formed Salas Associates, dedicated to further leveraging and bringing this expertise in strategy, design, development, implementation of innovative software products and services to our clients in the Software and Life Sciences Industries.

In parallel Pito also leads a team creating BlogBridge, an open source project developing a a system for discovery and organization of large quantities of information. See for more details. Pito also maintains a blog about leading edge technology and related issues of interest. See
Posted on January 1, 2003 and filed under Nota Bene.