Experience 2004 - 2005 | BlogBridge Project, Arlington, MA
Project LeaderBlogBridge is an advanced blog and feed reader for power users. BlogBridge is organized as an Open Source project at, with developers in the US, Ukraine and Moldova. The product has over five thousand downloads, several thousand users, and about 1500 source code downloads. It is in active development and has achieved a degree of visibility in the space. (Note: my work on BlogBridge is done under the umbrella of Salas Associates Inc.)2002 - 2005 | Salas Associates, Inc., Arlington, MA
Founding PrincipalSalas Associates is a consutlancy, focusing on technology strategy, software development methodology, systems architecture, collaboration Strategy and architecture. Clients are small and medium sized Software and Bio Tech firms.

2002 | North Bridge Venture Partners | Waltham, MA
Venture Partner

North Bridge is a Venture Capital firm focused on IT and Telecom technologies. As Venture Partner I had three kinds of responsibilities. I was responsible for technical due diligence on new projects being considered by North Bridge. I also would pair off with entrepreneurs with highly promising ideas to work side by side with them to help bring the projects to a fundable state. And from time to time I would advise and consult to existing portfolio companies helping them from a technology, software and strategy perspective. (Note: my work at North Bridge was half time, and under the umbrella of Salas Associates.)

1996 - 2002 | eRoom Technology, Inc. | Cambridge, MA
Chief Technology Officer and co-Founder

eRoom Technology (originally Instinctive Technology) was founded by Jeffrey Beir and me in 1996, with a vision to create a new kind of internet based collaborative application specifically designed for the extended enterprise. eRoom was backed by North Bridge Venture Partners, Matrix Venture Partners and other leading venture firms.)

As CTO, I was responsible at a high level, for eRoom's Technology and Product Strategy. I set the direction for the eRoom family of products, ensuring that the product roadmap supported the company strategy, that the products built meet our customers needs, and that the technologies employed fit well with both our customers technology roadmaps as well as the overall direction of the industry. At different times I had responsibility for the Software Engineering and Product Management organizations. (Note: during the second half of 2002, eRoom represented a half time commitment for me.)

1995 - 1996 | Salas Associates, Inc | Arlington, MA
Founding Principal

Salas Associates is a consulting practice with a focus on Technology Strategy for Business. Clients have tended to be startups, or established businesses embarking on an internal startup. I am asked to develop, or to participate in the development of a product, service or new business. These are generally in the Electronic Commerce, Internet, and related technology areas. The projects involve applications or services employing technologies such as the WWW and/or Lotus Notes. The work involves the creation or review of architectures, designs, business models, strategies, resource and staffing plans, and actual Lotus Notes and WWW implementations.

1984 - 1995 | Lotus Development Corporation | Cambridge, MA
Director of Technology,
Inter-enterprise Communications Group (1994 to 1995)

ICG was the group chartered with implementation of the AT&T/Lotus partnership to build a new service called "AT&T Network Notes." In this capacity I am responsible for the technical leadership of the overall effort. I am acting, essentially, as CTO for the department.

I was leading an Electronic Publishing and Distribution effort using Lotus Notes as the underlying infrastructure. We were creating a product and service called Lotus Notes:Newsstand, providing an end-to-end solution for electronic publishing, including production, distribution, subscription management, viewing and searching of on-line publications. I set the overall technical direction, working closely with the development and marketing teams. I was responsible for the management of those teams, as well as the actual product definition and architecture.

Director of Advanced Products,
Electronic Messaging Division (1992 - 1994)

Responsible for a group chartered with defining the future product direction of the Electronic Messaging Division. We focused mostly on the emerging Mobile Computing market. I had three primary projects: First, I was working on significantly enhancing the Mobile capabilities of Lotus Notes. This was part of the Lotus Notes V4 effort: I spent time with customers, built a Visual Basic prototype, and conducted usability tests, to define and get the new functionality implemented. Secondly, we pursued an effort to build a version of our cc:Mail product for Microsoft's WinPad PDA. Finally, we defined and began implementation of a new product called PNA, Personal Network Assistant, designed to extend a companies communications infrastructure to non-computer devices like pagers, faxes, telephones, and eventually PDAs.

Director of Development
Pen Applications Group (1991 - 1992)

Responsible for management, product specification and development of Pen-based applications with PenPoint and PenWindows. I recruited, developed, coordinated and managed the work of a senior team of 6 architects and engineers.

General Manager
Improv Team (1988 - 1991)

Responsible for the 50 person team that shipped Improv, including Engineering, Quality Assurance, Marketing and Documentation. Most importantly, I was responsible for overall design and tradeoffs in the creation of Improv. In this position, I took a project from nothing and built a full scale product team to design and ship the product. After the initial release on the NeXT platform, I planned and effected the move of the project to Windows and Macintosh for its next release.

Systems Architect
Advanced Technology Group (1986-1988)

I Investigated needs, and subsequently invented and prototyped "Modeler" which eventually grew into Lotus Improv. I Was responsible for the fundamental ideas underlying the product, and for selling it's need to the corporation. The innovative aspects of Improv were: (1) English Language Formulas, leading to great productivity in creating spreadsheets (2) Flexible Views, allowing spreadsheet layout to be changed on the fly. Both of these general areas, embodied in several features, led to a spreadsheet model, which while familiar yielded benefits in productivity and auditability of spreadsheet models.

Systems Architect and project leader
Jazz Team (1984 - 1986)

I was responsible for personally designing and implementing the Forms component of Jazz while being responsible for the work of several other developers working on the Database and Forms components. Jazz was one of the first products for the Apple Macintosh

1979 - 1984 | Software House | Cambridge, MA.
Development Manager

As the manager of the 6 person System 1032 (a relational DBMS for VAX) Language group, I provided technical direction for the design of this section, as well as being responsible for recruiting, training, and all management of the team. My technical contribution included the design and implementation of large parts of the 1032 Language, the report generator, and other key components of the product.

1976 - 1979 | Digital Equipment Corporation | Marlboro, MA.
Senior Software Specialist
Education Brandeis University, Waltham, MA.
1976: B.A. in Computer Science,
Cum Laude. Highest honors in Computer Science,
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