Reading between the lines: Pito's

Reading between the lines: Pito's Guide to Email salutations. Ok, the previous post got me thinking about the various conventional choices of opening and closing salutations and what their inner meaning is.

For your benefit and critique, here's Pito's Guide to Email Salutations.


  • "Hi Jane," -- the default, casual, email business greeting.
  • "" -- No greeting is some people's default, and so shows no special meaning.

  • "Dear Jane," -- often received from people from other countries (e.g. Europe) and always used in response to someone who sent you and email opening with "Dear Jane". Occasionally used for affectionate emails, but really you shouldn't use email for that.
  • "Jane:" -- Often used to indicate that you are rushed or insistent or annoyed.
  • "R U There?" -- Used in instant messaging. Also "Are you there, R U Free, etc."


  • "Regards," -- The default, casual, email business closing.
  • "Best Regards," -- Somewhat more formal, used to indicate respect or sucking up.
  • "Best," -- Hybrid, used to indicate a closer personal relationship while not appearing to suck up.
  • "Love," -- Reserved for emails to parents and intimate relationships
  • "Bye" -- Used in instant messaging. Also "Later, cya, l8r, c u later."


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