Pop!Tech - Ideas and links.

Pop!Tech is a conference focused on Technology And Society (my summary.) It is one of my all time favorite ones. David Weinberger has extensively blogged it, so I won't do so again.

I want to just write down for future reference (my own included) some speakers, cool ideas, book titles and links that you might enjoy.

  • Juan Enriquez: "Bio-literacy is the new computer literacy", "The difference between humans and animals is that humans have learned how to transfer information without needing to have to be in the same place at the same time (cave paintings, writing, telegraph, internet)", As The Future Catches You
  • Chris Peterson: "Nanotechnology is the creation of machines with atomic precision." Foresight Institute.
  • Larry Lessig: "Creative Commons: Some rights reserved", "Fit the law to the technology not the technology to the law."
  • Golan Levin: The secret lives of numbers: www.flong.com.
  • Allen Goldstein: "Biomimetics: the creation of materials that mimic living tissues"," Biology is what you do if you want to do science but don't want to learn calculus", Invasion of the high tech body snatchers.
  • Michael West: "You are as old as your arteries"
  • Aubrey de Grey: "Late Onset Engineered Negligable Senesence, i.e. stopping the damage caused by aging through an intervention at middle age",  "The desire to procreate will never rate above the desire to avoid dying", "A world without children."
  • Clay Shirkey: "Even when the medium is totally democratic allowing all to publish and interact, Broadcast Happens."
  • Xeni Jardin: www.boingboing.net, www.kevinsites.net, www.auhttp://www.audblog.com dblog.com
  • James Kunstler: "There is not enough prozac in the world to make someone feel good about walking here.", www.cnu.org
  • Virginia Postrel: "I like that; I'm like that!", "Making Special", "Starbucks is to design what McDonalds was to convenience and Ford was to mass production.", The Substance of Style
  • David Martin: "Linguistic Genomics", "39% of all patents are forgeries - duplicates of existing prior art created by using a thesaurus.", http://www.house.gov/judiciary/martin_051001.htm
  • Geoffrey Ballard: "The Hydrogen Economy", "Hydrogen is not a fuel, it's a currency", "If 4% of the vehicles in California were running on fuel cells, that would represent more electrical generation capacity that the existing fixed energy infrastructure of California.", General Hydrogen
  • Constantine Adams: "Exoskeleton and Endoskeleton spacecraft", TransHab
  • Graham Hawkes: "94% of life on earth is in the ocean", "If you consider volume not just surface area, then 96% of the earths livable habitat is in the ocean. It's the primary habitat", "'Earth' is a misnomer."
  • Michael Rosenzweig: "Reconciliation Ecology - creating new habitats and conserve species diversity where we live not in special 'treasure box' national parks."
  • Sally Stansfield: "Some vaccines do not protect the individual, but by interrupting transmission they protect the community",  "The 'cold chain' - keeping a medicine at 4 degrees Celsius from the factory, through transport, all the way to the patient in the field", "A public good - when all can benefit from it and one's benefit from it does not diminish it's availability to the rest", "A global public good applies the idea at a global level, and has no natural constituancy."
  • Scott Hunt: "Kindness is alive and well and we have good reason to have hope for the future."
  • Robert Wright: "Non-zero sum game is either win-win or lose-lose.", "In a zero sum game, there is never any motivation to communicate honestly", "Technological change is making it easier for hatred to morph into violence", "Freedom will be inversely proportional to the amount of hatred in the world.", www.nonzero.org, Strategy of Conflict, Shelling
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