BloggerCon Day 1. I was

BloggerCon Day 1. I was fortunate to attend the first day of BloggerCon today. A far ranging discussion on the impact of blogging on society. And kudos to Dave Winer for the drive and vision and, may I say, idealism, to bring it to life.

I learned a lot and met a many interesting people. My experiences continue to reinforce my gut feeling, and the reason I am messing around in this space, that we are witnessing something important and transformational here.

Who knows exactly where it will lead or how long it will take, but there something goin' on. But I have to use one of my favorite lines here too:

"It's really easy to predict the future...What's hard is to predict when in the future."

(for example here are some easy predictions to make: computers will be able to understand the spoken word perfectly; there will be humanoid robots with full mobility and cognition; there will be a female president. I am sure each of those will happen. Who the hell knows when?)

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