Richard S. Tallent responds to

Richard S. Tallent responds to my post with this:

"I posted a few days ago my reasons against using the car analogy. I'm with Tim on this one:"

Maybe is should clarify: I am not saying that everyone should be able to do everything with a computer (just like I can't fly a 747, nor can I do brain surgery.) All I am saying is that computers will achieve the kind of turnkey reliability that we expect from our cars, tv sets, and telephones.

Each of those three, at some point required a geek to operate and now are operated by anyone. Certainly you would agree that the telephone is every bit as complex as your desktop computer (the instrument is 'just the UI to the global telecommunications network after all.)

Also it's not a ding against Microsoft or anyone else in the industry. We have made miraculous strides in the last decades. It's just that we are not nearly done yet.

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