Phil Windley on Segway Innovation

Phil Windley on Segway Innovation (And a great quote!) Some intriguing insights into the development of the Segway. I especially like the quote at the end of the post:

"David spent a fair amount of time talking about Segway's cultural principals. I thought they were good advice for an engineering team.

  • Go fast. Mario Andretti said "If you feel like you're in control, you're not going fast enough."
  • Expect conflict. The only way to truly tolerate design failure is to do it fast and early.
  • Expect to fail. Be tough on issues, easy on people. Cross-functional conflict must happen early to work out the right ideas.
  • Have fun.
  • Let people be different. Ideation people vs. execution people. (Innovation vs. delivery)
  • Hire the best. Jeff Bezo's said "A's hire A's; B's hire C's; C's hire D's"
  • Be humble as an individual; be proud as a team.

Innovation is hard. You spend a lot of time out of your comfort zone."

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