Collected 2003 BlogBridge postings

Dec 2, 2003: A minor update of this web site is underway. The specs page will begin to be populated. Also there is a new Tasks page which will capture planned and completed activities on the project.

Nov 24, 2003: Hibernate support appears to be pretty solid. We are reworking the persistence scheme that BlogBridge uses and moving it all to the Hibernate db. This is the only way to have transactional consistency. We will probably still have a blogbridge.xml around but it's only purpose will be to get the app to launch quickly. With that the Hibernate db open will be moved to a thread because it takes a good 5 seconds.

Nov 18, 2003: We are currently in the middle of shaking out the Hibernate support in Informa and Blog Bridge.

Nov 12, 2003: Finally, I have put together a slightly more complete site for this project. As you will be able to see from the information you see here, we have a veritable army of people working on this, which is why things are moving so "quickly." All the same, work continues, and if you are interested in BlogBridge, you will be able to follow the goings on here, as well as in my blog.
Posted on December 3, 2003 and filed under BlogBridge.