Observations of a Blogging Newbie

Observations of a Blogging Newbie

There's been quite a bit of discussion trying to "define" what a blog is, and what it is not. As I mention to people that I have an interest in this, I am surprised how many people have never heard the term. I am asked to explain what it is and so I find myself smack in the middle of the definition problem. Here are the questions that I hear most often:

  • So, what's a blog?
  • Sounds just like a newsgroup -- how is it different?
  • Where do I find blogs that might interest me?
  • Why do people do it, anyway?

This last question is the one that is the most interesting. But before I try to answer let me start describing my personal reactions to the few posts that I've made so far, which will further inform my answers to the above. (Note to veterans: this is all old hat to you, so forgive my naivete, but, then I am a big believe in naivete. That's for another time.)

First Reaction: It's surprisingly easy to get going. Of course no one will discover this and anyway, I am just playing with the software.

Second Reaction: Someone I really respect has linked to me! Wow! Now, should I continue posting to my blog? What belongs in my blog and what belongs in my email (i.e. in messages sent to friends?)

Third Reaction: It's kind of like a way to write an "opt-in email to the whole world" - in other words, I can blah blah blah all I want, and no-one will complain because they chose to read it, I didn't make them.

More on this later.

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