Observations of a blogging newbie,

Observations of a blogging newbie, continued

I keep in close touch with my "corporate" friends and they are always asking me what I am up to. Having been 100 percent in that universe for the last 10 years, and now suddenly finding myself back in the self-employed / army of one / independent mode there are some things that are true that my buddies who work at actual corporations are not aware of, or have forgotten.

So when they ask me "what I am up to" I talk about this odd community of people like me who meet in Starbucks and Thai Restaurants, who are constantly on IM and email, but who otherwise are happily esconsed in their caves doing whatever they do. And this community communicates pretty heavily and generally does not seem to get "lonely" or "miss the spirit of the workplace" or any of that kind of nonsense.

And in a way that is also, I think, what blogging is connected to, somehow. The ability to unobtrusively communicate and share thoughts and questions with your network of like minded people, withough imposing yourself on them.

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