How Wikis and Blogs might

How Wikis and Blogs might be integrated

In Radio there's a feature "Stories" where I can write a story or article which is longer and perhaps revised over time and point to it from the blog itself. I'm finding Stories useful as a place put more detailed ideas that I want to update and refine over time. Very nice, but would it be even cooler if the Stories area was a Wiki?

Making the Stories page into a Wiki would provide a superset of functionality, while allowing for a nice set of additional possibilities, like multi page Stories and Stories that others' comment and participate in. Does this fly in the face of the essential single-person voice of a blog? Maybe, but on the other hand it might provide a clearly delineated "other" place where other voices can be heard without affecting the fundamentally personal voice of the main blog thread.

Posted on June 24, 2003 and filed under Uncategorized.