Notes from a blogging newbie

Notes from a blogging newbie - 4

So why write something like the preceding post? Here was my thought process:

It's an idea that's been rattling around in my brain, and I wanted to write it down somewhere. In writing it down the idea clarifies itself and the holes are revealed. Either by me or by a reader. And while the idea itself may or may not be great, someone could build on it and turn it into something great. The risk that my magnum opus idea is given away to the public domain in this manner, is, in my opinion, minimal.

I suppose if I was working on an idea that I wanted to use as the basis of a business, I would think twice. However, someday I will post why I think that Ideas are cheap. That thought has started many a boisterous argument, but I still basically believe that which is why I am relatively promiscuous with my ideas.

Posted on July 30, 2003 and filed under Uncategorized.