Blogging is again covered in

Blogging is again covered in the popular press, in this New York Times Article by William O'Shea. Having been through the business-enterprise collaboration universe a couple of times now, I have some thoughts on this.

I am very interested to understand where the Next Big Thing in that space is going to come from. I firmly believe that the type of software variously known as social-, collaborative-, team-, group- software will occupy an equally important place as email and IM do today for computer users in business. It doesn't yet.

While there are lots of hurdles to using them as mission critical business applications, I am coming to the opinion that Blogs and Wikis might just be the seeds of the Next Big Thing in that arena.  I am still formulating my thoughts on that but I think the more we read articles like the NYT piece referenced above, the more it reinforces that belief.

Posted on July 7, 2003 and filed under Uncategorized.