Notes from a blogging newbie,

Notes from a blogging newbie, part 3

I continue to write here from time to time and introspect (I am an introspective kind of guy) about why I do it, and also what is and is not appropriate to write in this kind of a medium. Here are some random personal observations:

It has strange persistence characteristics - What happens when I write something that I think is important and that I would like people to know about? There is probably very little traffic to my blog, so who knows who sees it, and on the other hand, as I post more random snippets, the "important" think is scrolled off and lost.

It has a strange relatedness to email - Sometimes I see something or think of something which I would like to record, document or share. I have three major choices: (a) write it up in a document on my computer, which I can refer to later and remember and refine; (b) email it to one or more friends that I think might be interested; or (c) post it on a public web page, such as a blog.

As I like to write and often find myself refining my ideas by writing them down, I actually have numerous little documents on my pc which are private musings on ideas, products, people etc. Some of these should remain private but others are clearly ok to have public. Option (b) is ok, but of course you have to be careful to send stuff to people that they would be interested in. And option (c) is on the one hand a little bit scary because essentially anyone on the planet can read what you write, but on the other hand, it can feel like talking to yourself or into an empty room because you have no sense of who does or does not read what you write.

It has strange ego characteristics - Here's where I go out on a limb. It's a kick (for me, but I guess this is not atypical of others) to be linked to, especially to be linked to by someone whose writing you admire. I would venture to guess that the reason that folks think trackback and referrer logs are essential features of a blog is that they are ego-support tools which tell you that you are not alone and that in fact, in the famouse words of Sally Field, "You Like Me, You Really Really Like Me!"

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