What do blog readers like

What do blog readers like to read?

Coming from the other angle, I ask myself, what should I and what should I not post here? Should I post brief one paragraph comments with links to stuff of interest? Or should I post much longer multi-paragraph discussions on ideas of mine that might be of general interest? Should I post ideas which traditionally one might have considered to be "intellectual property" which you would keep to yourself?

  • I believe (despite the preceding post) that a blog works best when the postings are short bits with or without a link.

  • I also believe that I should write mostly on topics where "I have a right to an opinion" - a favorite phrase that you hear in VC circles. I mean I am quite comfortable pontificating on collaborative software, but I really have no business pontificating on finance or theology or quantum mechanics.
Posted on July 7, 2003 and filed under Uncategorized.