David Weinberger is still a genius

David Weinberger is still a genius.

Sorry I am just testing to see if my TrackBack macro is working for me, and it doesn't appear to be. I will trace my debugging of it here:

  1. Initial attempt: added the macro per instructions to my template. It visually looks correct but always indicates "0" trackbacks.
  2. I note the "URLs to Ping" box. It's not clear to me what that is exactly. I would have assumed that any blog URL in a post would be pinged automatically. I am now guessing this is not the case.
  3. I edit the post and manually ad the URL to David's post that I am testing against in that box. This still doesn't seem to work.
  4. I wonder what URL is required: is it the permalink or the root of the blog or what? I assume it's the permalink, which of course is hard to find in David Weinbergers' post which I am testing against. I wander around and find that the date of the post is actually a link to it's perma link. Who knew? Still it doesn't work: I see a zero both in my perma link count and in his. I would expect to see a zero in mine but a one in his.
  5. Further research and I locate a post from when this feature was in 'beta' where it is stated that the pinging only happens when I initially add the post, and not when I edit and post changes (like I am doing now.) Not knowing if that matters, I create a new post, fill out the URLs to ping box. Still doesn't work.
  6. I re-read the spec and found that in fact it is not necessary to place the URL of the target post in the URLs to Ping. So that was a dead-end assumption. But it still doesn't work.
Posted on August 6, 2003 and filed under Life.