On combing RSS with RDF:

On combing RSS with RDF: This has been going back and forth quite a bit in the last week. Here's something to think about: While the idea of richer properties embedded in an RSS flow makes sense in a general way, I am not sure of the job listings is a good application.

It seems to me (newbie that I am) that the essence of RSS is the idea of a time ordered flow of read-only information, where the recipient is most interested in looking at the newest ones first, and where the information is timely, with a short shelf life, and generally somewhat informal.

I don't think a feed of job listings fits that at all. A job is posted and remains posted until it is removed or filled, or the definition changes. You want to easily look at the current list of openings. You want to easily see which ones are gone. None of this sounds like an RSS feed. Similarly, an RSS feed of recipes or telephone numbers doesn't fit in my mind.

If you agree with that model, then brainstorm with me on what kinds of information would fit into that model beyond articles. Here is some off the top of my head ideas: traffic reports, weather reports, snapshots, last minute tickets (e.g. theatre).

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