Writing for skimmers. You might

Writing for skimmers. You might have noticed this annoying John-Dvorak-Like way of writing with key words and phrases bolded. I thought I might want to explain why the heck I do that.

It's something I've used often in the past when writing important emails that are more than a couple of sentences. I understand that people read a ton of emails and end up skimming much of it. So, I developed this way of formatting hopefully to get people to slow down and at least grasping the key points I am trying to make.

The same thing applies I think to blog postings. If people are like me they skim like crazy. I try to come up with catchy, provocative titles for my postings to slow people down enough to read, and then bold out the key take aways in the hope that people will stay around to get my point.

Posted on September 6, 2003 and filed under Uncategorized.