FeedDemon: Beautiful job. FeedDemon is

FeedDemon: Beautiful job. FeedDemon is great RSS reader. I've been using it and I recommend it highly. However what prompts me to write this is the wonderful 'purchase experience' of the new, official FeedDemon 1.0. 

First off, the whole alpha/beta experience was very good; the software itself was quite usable (more than you'd expect for alpha and beta software.) The way each beta ran for about a month and then expired, asking me to upgrade to the next beta was well done.

When 1.0 came out, it too had a 30 day trial period. There's a new little button shaped like a shopping cart. I just pressed it and was led through a clean and understandable purchase experience. At the end of it, the software was enabled, the serial number was entered and I was good to go. No additional download, not even exit and re-run the app. All this powered by Esellerate.net, which I had never heard of before.

All in all, a beautiful job. Useful software, elegantly designed, good business process and good purchase experience. And all for $29.95. Nick, you could probably charge more for it! Well done!

Posted on January 2, 2004 and filed under Uncategorized.