The two Howards: Dean and

The two Howards: Dean and Stern. Everyone is wringing their hands about the way Howard Dean acted out on the night of the Iowa Caucuses. I heard well known pundits talk about 'the defining moment of Dean's campaign.' What a bunch of nonsense. This was a non-event, a crazy moment at the end of a long day with a huge crowd of revved up supporters. And indeed some of my friends who support Dean have commented, more eloquently than this, in his defense as well.

Forgive me to mention the other Howard in the same breath, but the best came on Howard Stern's show, who by the way, was making fun of the commentators and siding with Dean. A caller said that it was a classic 'Rocky' moment and that all you needed was to hear the theme from Rocky playing in the background and it would just 'bring a tear to your eye.' I can't play it for you here, but either use your imagination, or take my word for it: it was one of the all time funiest moments on Radio.

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