Getting Your R�sum� Read -

Getting Your R©sum© Read - From Joel Spolsky. Joel writes a good and amusing article with some brain-dead-obvious tips (that apparently aren't so obvious) about resumes. One of the rants though:

"OK, this one really bugs me. Learn where spaces go in relation to other punctuation. Attention, the entire population of India: whenever you have a comma, there is always exactly one space and it's always after the comma and never before it. Thank you."

While still amusing (but perhaps somewhat culturally insensitive) this particular point stands out because I've had this debate/argument more than once. In particular the old typewriter-induced habit of placing TWO spaces after a period, which in my book is incorrect. But apparently this is not universal - there are up to date style guides which insist on the old monospace font two spaces after a period. (Via Dave Winer and everyone else too!)

Afterword (1) Apparently everyone liked Joel's posting because it's shot up to the top of Blogdex. Geez, it's so hard to be original!
Afterword (2) The At-signs in the
word R©sum© are an artifact of the accents in the word in Joel's original posting. Amusing because it had the effect of getting me to read the resume!

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