I'm not *that* geeky: I

I'm not *that* geeky: I am totally fascinated and entralled with what's going on on Mars right now. I've followed all sorts of sources and recently came across this blog by Susan Kitchens who has very detailed posts about what's going on. I don't know who she is or how she's connected, but it's a pretty comprehensive way to keep up.

As a software guy I am very interested in how the software for the Rover is put together. I asked Susan whether she could give me some pointers, which led to this recent post in her blog, which I thought was amusing:

"Backing up the Mars Rover Mission: Computerworld has the story. They also covered the OS running the rovers, VxWorks by Wind River Systems. (I got an email asking me for more info on computing resources on MER. I'm not *that* geeky; I suggest you start there and research further)."

Well, I *am* :-) And if I come across anything useful, I will pass it on. In the meanwhile here are some other links that I follow for Mars news: Steve Squires, the "principal investigator" of the mission actually has a blog. And of course Nasa/JPL has a web site of their own with news and some amazing animations.

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