Real Virtual Reality! (Demo 2004

Real Virtual Reality! (Demo 2004 Series - 6) I am not clear as to whether Total Immersion is a product, company, research product or what. But they had the most compelling and memorable technology demonstration. It was an amazing virtual reality experience of what they called “augmented reality."

Basically what we saw was a video and audio display in real time. The camera started on the presenter as he was talking. In his hand was a long stemmed rose. Except in real life, he was holding his left hand in a fist, and the flower was added virtually. Every move, translation, rotation etc of his fist was perfectly matched with the movement of the rose creating a perfect illusion. And there was a lot more. The demo ended with a virtual helicopter flying over the heads of the audience. Very impressive!

Of course one is always more impressed with technologies which appear to be 'magic' to the viewer. In this case, I know very little about VR and I am blown away. I can't say if one 'versed in the art' would have thought the same or been bored.

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