Words DO matter

I was scanning Jon Udell's blog and came across the following:

"Plog is a brand-new word that's even uglier (if possible) than blog. But the words don't matter. What's striking is how the art of storytelling -- our instinctive human way of making sense of the world -- has woven itself into the science of information technology. "

Jon, I am going to take totally the wrong point from this paragraph, so appologies in advance.

What strikes me about the word "plog" is part of Michael Schrage's genius, which is coming up with just the right, clever, memorable word that will make me and you remember what he said. The idea may not even be particularly profound, but picking just the right word can make such a difference.

Sometimes it is in just remembering the point, but often it's sneakier: it's to misdirect by association and totally confuse the issue. That's not the case here, but, I am always fascinated and amused to see just the right/wrong word make all the difference in the point being made.
Posted on May 18, 2004 and filed under Life.