Oddpost Sold to Yahoo!

Dave Winer comments on the sale of OddPost to Yahoo. I've been an avid OddPost fan for a while and I am glad to see them succeed. It's an impressive tour the force, an existence proof that you can build quite a nice UI in a browser.

One critical detail which is a bit mysterious to me: OddPost today runs only on Internet Explorer, and in particular, not on Macintosh. This, I assume, because the incredibly subtle and tricky code they had to write to pull of their magic made them not-cross-platform. Clearly Yahoo wouldn't buy them if they weren't convinced that this limitation could be lifted.

But can it? And how does this relate to the recent dust up around Apple's statement that they are adding (incompatible) "enhancements" to allow Safari to be better integrated and interoperable with OSX? People are worried about the divergence of standards.
Posted on July 9, 2004 and filed under Technology.