Downloadable Car Horn Sounds!?

Did you know that you (or your teenager) can buy cool new ring tones for their cell phone? They cost a buck or two and are quite the rage, especially in countries other than the US :-) You probably knew this.

Did you know that this buck or two is actually only good for a month or two of use of the ring tone, after which you would have to buy a renewal or more likely a new one? You might or might not have known this.

How about the fact (at least I heard it as fact in more than one place, but I cannot corroborate) that downloadable ring tones account for a $3.5 BILLION business. Hard to believe isn't it?

Well here's a cute idea (which is so cute, we can bet it will happen) which I heard tossed out by someone at JavaOne. With cars being equipped with more and more electronics, including now GPS and two way communication, how about a business selling downloadable Horn Sounds for your car?

Is the latest single from WhoUKnow all the rage? How about using that rif for your horn? How about a Star Trek Condition-Red Claxon?

It could happen... :-)
Posted on July 2, 2004 and filed under Life.