Two really cool new applications

Today I was introduced by two totally different people to two really cool little utilities.

  • Anagram. This application works with Outlook and pulls and structures contact information out of emails. Simply, you select the text with the name, phone numbers, address etc. in the email, type control-c twice, and up pops a new Outlook contact record all properly filled out. It does similar things with appointments etc. Super useful and perhaps a more politically correct alternative to applications like Plaxo (Thank you Esther Dyson)

  • WordWeb. A tiny dictionary, thesaurus, word finder doo-hicky that lives in your toolbar. Type a word in and out comes all this useful information, in a compact, lightweight (unlike the others) form that doesn't get in the way. (Thank you David Carpe)

Each of these very useful tools sells for almost nothing, once again proving that no one can make money with software anymore.
Posted on August 5, 2004 and filed under Technology.