Web Services gone wild

Here's a cool idea: using the web services of Google and Technorati together to find other, related blogs. Here's the idea:

One of the things I am trying to do with BlogBridge is to help users discover new blogs that they would be interested in. Let's say I am interested in finding other blogs which are related to or similar to one of my favorites, Scripting News.

  1. First we ask Google for other sites 'related to' Scripting news (click here to see result.)

  2. Starting at the second entry, we ask Technorati whether the returned link is part of a blog. If so, chances are these are related blogs.

Now I chose Scripting News as my example before I actually tried the excercise and I must admit it generated a weird set of so-called related blogs:

I actually had only heard of one of those. And I have to say I don't know exactly why Google thinks that they are related to Scripting News, but still it's an interesting approach that I will work on refining and then incorporate into BlogBridge.
Posted on September 29, 2004 and filed under BlogBridge.