Thinking of being a deserter

I'm seriously thinking about starting to use a Macintosh for my day to day work computer instead of a PC! Can you believe it? Why?

  • My research so far says that a fast Mac running OS X is comparable, price performance to a Wintel computer.
  • I'm a big fan of wonderful design and while I think Windows XP is really nice, I think OS X is just a little bit nicer.
  • I will get a chance to learn Unix.
  • I will get a chance to learn OS X.
  • Change is good.

BTW, Not that that Mac is without fault - it certainly has its share of brain dead usability "features', but all in all it's just easier on the eyes.

But what do you care about what I use for development. The real excuse for this post is to quote you a hilarious comment that someone on the Java mailing list said when I posed the question about the trade-offs between Mac and Windows:
"From the opinion of someone coming from the PC world, having a Windows box is like owning a pet. If you want to feed it, walk it, give it baths, and take it to the vet regularly, then Windows is for you. As for me, I waited a year prior to switching, watching a critical senior *nix sysadmin friend of mine for a year after he switched. He loved it. I switched a year after him. I feel the same."
Posted on January 12, 2005 and filed under Technology.