BlogBridge tip: Send us Feedback

(Non-users of BlogBridge, this wil not be interesting to you. But you have to ask yourself, why are you not using it?)

As most everyone who uses BlogBridge seems to be subscribed to my Blog I thought posting a tip or news every so often might be a way to expose some thinking about BlogBridge to you all, so starting today I will be posting a regular item that I think would be of interest.

We very recently added a command to the Help menu, "Send Feedback" which we encourage you to use if you have any thought, complaint, bug report, or whatever that you would like to share with us. Just enter your text in the box and that's all there is to it.

Note that we have plenty of users who are regularly sending us feedback with email but still that's only a fraction of all our users so we thought we should make it easier. Please have a go at the new Send Feedback command on the Help menu!

(By the way, if you want to send us email that is totally welcome too. This email is also read by the development team:
Posted on January 16, 2005 and filed under BlogBridge.