Switcher's Log

For close readers of this (yes all two of you), I was considering switching to a Mac as my primary computer. Basically I had a mac as a tirtiary computer, just for testing BlogBridge. I got to like it, and after a fairly careful study of the trade-offs, I've done it. As of now, my Windows box is off on a table 'over there' and my Mac is right here at my desk. Actually the switch happened yesterday and I've getting acclimated. Just for fun, I thought I'd record my experiences.

Day 1-2: Basics are working. I am getting email with Mac Mail. I had to give up Trillian on Windows and tried using AVChat (the mac equivalent.) It's ok but not that functional. Since then I've tried AOL IM for Mac (not too much better) but stumbled across Adium, an open source (don't you love it?) Mac OS X-ified version of Gnu AIM (GAIM.) I just started using it 10 minutes ago, and so far, its every bit as good as Trillian was! Coolness!
Posted on January 19, 2005 and filed under Technology.