Suckered again by Microsoft?

I've been using Microsoft Money (their personal finance package) for years now (after having switched from Quicken probably 5 years ago.) I really like it, for what it is.

In January of each of the last few years it seems, I shell out another $60 for the latest "upgrade", install it, and immediately kick myself when I find almost no new functionality.

It seems like the graphic designers get a turn to play with all the art work and colors but as far as new functionality, nothing. I wouldn't be surprised if the M$ is down to 4 people, with the highest operating margin of any product.

This has gone so far now, that they don't even pretend by putting a "What's new in this release" on the box!

Oh and then there's the rebate. I've been screwed by rebate offers (Microsoft and others) so often it's not even funny. I doggedly document, make copies, add reminders to my calendar, and on and on, for a measily $15 rebate, which half the time never happens.

How about the fact that there are like 400 different flavors of Microsoft Money - you know: M$ Basic (free after rebate), M$ In-between ($5 after rebate), M$ Advanced, Super-Advanced, Dirt-cheap, Microsoft Money "We'll pay you to take it off your hands"

And still, year after year, I fall for it. A perfect pawn for their marketing machine. Anyone else out there have the same experience?
Posted on January 3, 2005 and filed under Life.