Web 2.0 -- mash ups -- Kayak -- and nude beaches ?!

Did you know that Curacao is the 7th favorite place that travelers from Boston consider when they are looking for nude beaches in the Caribean? Miami is the first, Aruba the second.

This important bulletin brought to you by Kayak Buzz, a neat web-2.0-kayak-mashup-with-google that I just came across. You can look at the URL above to see how it's formed. The funny thing is that the nude beach search isn't available unless you include the magic, secret "&ac=nude" clause.

You should check out Kayak, it's a really good travel search site that automates what you know you are already doing - which is to visit all the other travel sites with the same itinerary to see who has the best deal at this moment.

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Posted on November 18, 2005 and filed under Life, Technology.