Dilbert Torture

According to Dilbert (or is it Scott Adams) we are approaching the whole question of torture in the wrong way:

"The objective is to think up a form of torture that's effective but doesn't sound so bad when the rest of the world finds out you did it. " (from Dilbert.Blog)

So here's what he's thought up:

"It occurred to me recently after having surgery for my deviated septum that lots of Al Qaeda members must need that same procedure. When Amnesty International finds out that we gave free medical care to prisoners, that won’t sound so bad." (from Dilbert.Blog)


"...we could give them spa packages that involve waxing the hair off of most of their bodies. I realize this is an overgeneralization, but terrorists seem extra hairy to me. So it would probably hurt extra much." (from Dilbert.Blog)

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Posted on November 20, 2005 and filed under Life, Politics.