Wiki as in Wikipedia

I assume you know about Wikis and the Wikipedia. If not, click on the links to the left and you'll both find out and experience it, in one fell swoop.

On BlogBridge we use a Wiki as a very lightweight project collaboration tool. Minimalist eRoom if you like. That's the kind that most often occurs to me.

But if you think about Wikipedia articles work, they are actually meant to properly describe or define something that exists and has a name. In other words, they specifically are meant to be objective and timely.

I've worked at more than one company where we, the CEO, or whoever was trying to write down, invent, or discover, for example, a company value statement, or a company strategy statement. It's a painful process on a lot of levels and when you are all done, it's not even clear that you've accomplished anything.

What if you pretended that you were writing an entry in Wikipedia, for example of the company value statement. As a Wiki page, anyone in the organization could read, write, correct, update, clarify and append to the statement.

It would be an interesting experiment if you could get it to work. If you did, you might have a better chance of getting some kind of common understanding and alignment, let alone buy in and agreement, than with other more top-down approaches.

[inspired by a talk at the BlogOn conference, unfortunately, I can't remember which one.]

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Posted on November 4, 2005 and filed under Life, Technology.