Web Two Point No?

Om Malik writes that "The Web 2.0 Hit By Outages", saying:

"Over past 48 hours, there have been reports of Web 2.0 outages. Six Apart, one of the biggest blog service provider is experiencing serious downtime, which has left many a few influential bloggers in a tears of rage. (maybe that’s why it hasn’t made it to Mememorandum and Tailrank as yet?)" (from Om Malik's Blog)

Om connects this news, correctly, to scalability. Scalability is very very hard, and any site as popular as TypePad is certainly extraordinarily hard to architect and run reliably, Web 2.0 or no.

In fact, I don't understand the association with Web 2.0 ("whatever that is."). These are just large web sites with huge loads and huge numbers of users.

In fact I agree more with Adam Green's sentiment: "Web 1.1 is more like it", where he says:

"I challenge anyone who understands how all this new stuff, like APIs and Ajax, actually works to look me in the eye and honestly say this isn't just Web 1.1. Come on." (from Darwinian web, read all of it.)

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Posted on December 16, 2005 and filed under Technology.