Modesty isn't dead

If you are interested in blogging you certainly have come across Robert Scoble's blog, the most prominent blog written by a Microsoft employee. Recently The Economist wrote a story about Robert Scoble at Microsoft. Nice article.

Tip o' the hat to Robert Scoble for his response to this column:

Finally, I really don't deserve the credit for humanizing Microsoft. There were about 100 bloggers already doing that work when I got to Microsoft. In particular, Joshua Allen deserves that title more than anyone. He is our Jackie Robinson of blogger

And also, previously, this one:

The thing is, business is a team sport. Not one guy. If one guy could do it all Bill Gates wouldn't have hired 57,000 of us. So, these articles need to be shared by the more than 1,360 Microsoft bloggers who work in public.
Posted on February 12, 2005 and filed under Blogs.