Switcher's Log, Part 4: So what software DO I use on Mac?

This is a topic of continuing interest to people who hear that I switched. Here are some general comments:

  • To a first order approximation what allowed me to switch at all was that I wasn't working on primarily Microsoft (C#, .NET, etc.) software, but rather open sourc-y, java-y, unix-y stuff which found a natural home on Mac.
  • I've been able to find all but one of my major, daily use applications on the mac. Either the Mac version of the same app, or an equivalent counterpart. (The missing link? Microsoft Money.)
  • Speaking in sweeping generalizations, I think that Mac OS X applications are prettier to look at, simpler and often simplistic compared to their XP counterparts.
  • As far as the more optional, less mainstream applications -- the little utilities -- many of them don't exist on Mac. For example Plaxo, SecondCopy, GetAnagram - three of my favorites on XP. These omissions are not enough to make me regret having moved.

Ok, now the list:

  • Applications I use every hour of every day: Mail, Addressbook and iCal, which together are supposed to replace Outlook, but don't quite. Eclipse, which is essentially identical on Mac OS X. BlogBridge of course, which is identical and wonderful on all platforms :-) Safari, replacing Internet Explorer and Maxthon -- not quite as nice. Adium, replaces and is nicer than Tillion.
  • Applications which I use very often: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, iTunes, Skype, which are identical on Mac OS X. iPhoto, replaces and is almost identical to Picasa.
  • OS X only applications which I use regularly: MarsEdit, which is the editor that I am using to write this post. QuickSilver, an app launcher, and Konfabulator, a visual trinkets app.
  • Windows XP applications which I really miss: Plaxo, SecondCopy, GetAnagram
Posted on February 11, 2005 and filed under Technology.