Letter to all BlogBridge users

Dear users, ex-users, and future users of BlogBridge,

As we are approaching our 1.0 release, we are starting to plan what comes next! It is a good time to take the pulse of people using BlogBridge regularly and tap into your collective wisdom! Before getting into that, there are a few preliminaries...

We just released our 0.9 Beta, and 0.10 Weekly build. Check out the Weekly at http://www.blogbridge.com/install/weekly/blogbridge.jnlp. It is quite wonderful on all platforms :-) People say it's extremely fast and responsive. I regularly run it with 400 Feeds and it's snappy as anything. (I don't read 400 Feeds, it's more to stress test the app.)

Also, have you seen these new features?

  • BlogBridge Themes allow you to tune the UI to what you want it to look like.
  • When you Subscribe to a Feed, or create a new Guide, you can get a list of suggestions
  • Discover Feeds can now run as a one shot command, or you can have BlogBridge constantly look for interesting feeds for you
  • A new command on the Tools menu to send us feedback
  • When you set up your keywords, they are now also synched to the BlogBridge Service so you have them wherever you are
  • Take a look at the Feed properties. There are several cool new things there
  • There's more but I want to keep this email short!

By the way, the Weekly is almost always the one you should be running because it will have the latest features and bug fixes. The Beta is there for when we mess up and release a broken Weekly, because we are more confident in its stability.

Tapping into your collective wisdom: the main point of this email

We are organizing a small meeting in the Boston (USA) area to talk about what happens next with BlogBridge. It will be a chance to chat about your experiences with BlogBridge. But more importantly we'd like to talk about what direction to take the product and the project, in terms of both features and strategy. You will really be able to influence what comes next, both in terms of that little feature you always wanted, or a major new direction for the project.

As a practical matter, I realize that many of you are far away from the Boston area and wouldn't be able to attend. But I am hoping that there are enough BlogBridge users in the Boston area to put together a good meeting. Date and location have not been set yet, but I would expect it to be some time in March, and likely in Waltham Massachusetts.

Of course we'd be very glad to also engage in an email discussion on the BlogBridge developers mailing list: blogbridge-devl@lists.sourceforge.net. (Those of you on the yahoo groups list will notice that there's almost no traffic there.) I will publish interesting nuggets on my blog as well as things develop.

Please let me/us know as soon as possible how interested you are in participating in this meeting. By the way, the meeting will happen no matter how many or few people decide that they can make it, but of course we would especially like YOU to come.


Pito Salas and the BlogBridge team

Posted on February 20, 2005 and filed under BlogBridge.