[BlogBridge] New Weekly Release - 0.11

Just a quick note that we've updated the weekly build to 0.11. Given that we are wrapping things up for our 1.0 Release, which is imminent, changes are going to be mostly on internals - bug fixes and performance. Still there are a few goodies here for you:

  • Right clicking on an Article offers a "Copy Link to Clipboard" command. There is a preference to cause the text on the clipboard to actually contain the HREF notation to allow easy pasting into your blog.
  • For Mac users, we have tweaked the color scheme to be even more OS X compliant.
  • Drag and Drop of shortcuts onto BlogBridge automatically try to subscribe to them as a new Feed.
  • There are various other, even smaller items, not worth listing here.

Posted on February 25, 2005 and filed under BlogBridge.