Switcher's Log, Part 3: What I miss from my PC Days

In the continuing saga of the switch from Windows XP to Mac OS X, here is where we find our hero....

I have more or less gotten all the applications I use over onto the Mac. Almost all of them. I will be forced to leave behind Microsoft Money, X1 and Plaxo. Of all the stuff I ran on the PC, those are the only three that I miss. And in each case I can get by.

Microsoft Money - well there's Quicken for Mac, which is analogous. But transferring the data over seems like it will be a huge mess costing time, frustration and in the end producing an unsatisfactory result.

X1 - My wonderful desktop search. I already miss it. My only consolation is that the next release of OS X will include something called "SpotLight" which is supposed to be totally amazing and will change my life.

Plaxo - Who would have thunk? But this business of typing and maintaining people's contact information by hand can become pretty tiresome. I'd settle for a Mac version of GetAnagram.com, but that of course doesn't exist.

Thinking about what software exists and doesn't exist on Mac, and why, can be sobering. I don't know the figures, but let's say that Mac accounts for 5 or so percent of the PC Installed base.

Put that way, it makes you feel like your brandy new shiny new computer has moved you to a small, underpopulated corner of the computing universe where the buses don't run. Will GetAnagram or Plaxo ever have a Mac OS X version? Not likely.

What computer will I be using 10 years from now?

Posted on February 3, 2005 and filed under Technology.