Two really interesting bits missed by MSM


Here are two practical examples of how mainstream media ("MSM") sometimes overlooks really interesting or engaging stories which are well covered online (and I don't mean just blogs.) Have you seen these?

Here's a really touching set of photos of Pope John Paul II shooing away some doves who were released as a peace symbol at some event. I bet you never saw that one. And wouldn't you have liked to see it somewhere, on TV, in the newspaper?

How about this article? It talks about "Deep Throat", the secret source that gave Woodward and Bernstein key information that led to the whole Watergate scandal being blown wide open:

"Key Watergate witness turned Deep Throat sleuth John Dean is standing by his report in The Los Angeles Times that Bob Woodward has notified his masters at The Washington Post that “Throat” is ill."

Why isn't this covered anywhere else? Certainly a story of great interest to many many Americans.

My point? MSM can overlook some of the best, most interesting stories.

Posted on February 9, 2005 and filed under Life.