First Class/Anachronism

On a lark, I used my frequent flyer miles to fly First Class on American Airlines today, heading out to the O'Reily ETech Conference.

I hadn't done it in quite a while.

It felt so 'eighties' to me - faux luxury dining in a tin can at 40,000 feet:

"Mr. Salas, would you like a drink before take-off? Mr. Salas, what would you like for dinner tonight? Spinach and Cheese Pasta or Chicken Kiev?”
…I am handed a heated towlette to wipe my weary brow… "

Mr. Salas, is there anything I can do for you? Mr. Salas, what would you like to drink before dinner?"

…I get a nice bowl of mixed nuts, heated! And my diet-coke… …Dinner is served. Linnen napkin, nice salad with capers and vinnigraite...

"Mr Salas, white or red wine with dinner? Mr Salas, is there anything else I can do for you? Mr. Salas can I take that for you?"

It's just a little bit too subservient for my taste. But at least the legroom is excellent, even though the silverware was plastic.
Posted on March 16, 2005 and filed under Life.