Google Toolbar: Where's the fire?

In case you've come across the flaming debate about how the Google Toolbar is evil, you will appreciate this post:

"I'm a bit wary about throwing myself in the middle of the whole Google Toolbar AutoLink business (Dan Gillmor has a good summary and lots of trackbacks to opinions, pro and con), but I'm sort of dumbfounded that so many people are so vehemently against it"

That's from, but it could just as easily be me speaking. My sentiments exactly. Read Kottke's post. One more teapot tempest AFAIC

Correction: While I still agree with most of what Kottke said, there's one factual error. When I played with the toolbar it automatically changed a web page to turn addresses into links to Google Maps.

Posted on March 3, 2005 and filed under Technology.