[BLOGBRIDGE] BlogBridge 1.0 is out!

It's here! We are officially declaring BlogBridge as a 1.0 product! The site is updated, the features are solid and we are off to the races. Here are some personal tidbits about where we are now and what happens next:

  • Actually 1.0 has been done for about a week now, and really over the last 4 weeks we've been much more focused on fixing bugs than anything else. And if by now you don't know - you can read all about BlogBridge hereand download 1.0 here.

  • Meanwhile we are well on the way to the design and planning of BlogBridge 2.0. Yes, this isn't the end of the line, actually it's the very beginning. I think of 1.0 as the minimalist "me too" foundation on which we can start building the really cool stuff. Our focus will be to push the envelope on community aspects of BlogBridge - both the application and the service.

  • BlogBridge is an open source project. One thing I've learned first hand with this project is that putting the "open source" shingle out doesn't immediately bring out a parade of willing volunteers. So it's exciting tat in the last 2 weeks we've gotten several new folks who are seriously interested in becoming contributors. which is good news because we have much bigger plans than resources.

Anyway, it's an exciting moment. Stick with us: we have HIGH hopes!

Posted on April 3, 2005 and filed under BlogBridge.