Happy Birthday Dave!

Picture 1-3 Long time readers of this blog (yes, I can say that now, it's been 2 years or so :-) know that I am a Dave Winer fan and a daily reader of Scripting News. In yesterday's posts, Dave talks about life and death, honest, open, sincere, like no one else can:

"What's it like to die? Some people believe they know, but that's just a belief. You won't know for sure until it happens to you. And that, my friends, is both the curse and the blessing of humanity. It's the curse because it haunts each of us from the age of seven or eight when it first hits us that we're going to die too." (from Morning Coffee Notes, Scripting News.)

I remember, but for me it happened around age 11 or 12, but it was the same experience.

Anyway, it's Dave's birthday today, so this post is in his honor. As it happens Dave and I are almost the same age. For me the big five-oh is coming in about 6 months.

So Dave, Mazel Tov on your birthday, and I hope to still be reading you when we both are eighty!

Posted on May 1, 2005 and filed under Blogs, Life.