[BLOGBRIDGE] BlogBridge tracks unread articles!

One of the cool things about BlogBridge's (free) companion service, is that keeps track for you what you have and have not read, even if you are using BlogBridge on more than one computer!

In other words, please sign up for the service, and set your synchronization options the way you want them (daily, each time you run BlogBridge, or manually.) Each time you synchronize, not only will your subscription lists be kept in synch, but also which articles you have or have not read.

Important note on new BlogBridge 1.5. For those of you who are running our 'weekly' release of BlogBridge, you are now experiencing a faster, smaller architecture. One of the known consequences of this is that when upgrading to 1.5 from a previous version in many cases articles unread state may be lost. Don't worry, this is a once only, known occurrence! Thank you for your patience!

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Posted on May 19, 2005 and filed under BlogBridge.