Come on over, the water's fine! Look who is recommending Macs!

I love my Mac, as y'all know. I was amused to read about Intel CEO Paul Otellini who publicly recommended getting a Mac. He was being interviewed by Walt Mossberg at the "D" conference:

'... Asked whether a mainstream computer user in search of immediate safety from security woes ought to buy a Mac instead of a Wintel PC, he said, "If you want to fix it tomorrow, maybe you should buy something else.' (from Mac News Network, but I saw it in several other places.)

Meanwhile, in a related story, Dave Winer sounds like he's tempted to jump onto the Mac bandwagon. Come on over, the water's fine!

For those who want to read more, here are some links to my experiences,

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Posted on May 27, 2005 and filed under Technology.