Good stuff from Paul Graham

If you work with software developers you'll appreciate these two pieces by Paul Graham, author of Hackers and Painters, a book that I also recommend heartily.

He always has interesting things to say:

"I once claimed that nerds were unpopular in secondary school mainly because they had better things to do than work full-time at being popular. Some said I was just telling people what they wanted to hear. Well, I'm now about to do that in a spectacular way: I think undergraduates are undervalued." (From "Hiring is obsolete")

I also came across this really excellent IT Conversations Podcast of a speech he gave at the Open Source Convention (OSCON), which I also highly recommend (and it would be a good introduction to IT Conversations and Podcasting if you were looking for an excuse :-)

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Posted on June 6, 2005 and filed under Technology.