Who will buy Skype, and why...

Robert Cringely has a relatively little known quasi blog, for some reason on www.pbs.org. The stuff is generally very good, and little noted. 

Given Microsoft's recent acquisition of Teleo, this recent post about Skype is interesting and timely: 

Expect Skype to be sold, another viral marketing success sucked up by big business. Expect it to go to either a major broadband provider or, more likely, to a big mobile carrier with no fixed telephone assets. And whoever buys Skype, expect them to throw money into making the company into even more of a multinational telecom headache than it currently is. (from Skyed on I, Cringely - read the whole thing!)

There even is a very well hidden RSS feed.

(Yes, remember the Cringley column in PC Week? Same guy!)

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Posted on August 31, 2005 and filed under Technology.